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    [RC] [Guest] What is Sclerosis / Update on my horse - Ridecamp Moderator

    louisa Pierce Louisa_Pierce@xxxxxxxx

    Can any of you tell more about Sclerosis?  Not Multiple Sclerosis - just
    Sclerosis.  I know it is hardening between or on the bones. I
    understand from the internet, that is very common in race horses.  But
    I can not find much more about it.

    I don't know if you all remember my Pinto/Arab who can not go down
    the hills....well he has mild Sclerosis of several of the thoracic dorsal spinous
    processes (but were otherwise within normal limits)

    He also showed very mild tarsal-metatarsal and distal inter-tarsal joints had some
    inflammation. According to the vet(s), his hocks a very mild nothing very out of the
    ordinary for a horse in work.

    He is getting his hocks injected to take any discomfort out of the pitcher.
    I am worried  about his hocks, but it seems by the consensus that with
    yearly injections he will be just fine.

    I am mostly worried about his back. Do you think the Sclerosis is manageable?
    Will it go away in time? Will it get worse? Once the hocks feel better, will the
    Sclerosis subside?

    The treatment the vet(s) have told me to follow, is 100% exactly what I
    have been doing for him for the past 1.5 years.  Ride with a running
    martingale, do alot of long lining with emphasis on lifting the abs, alot
    of straight and hill work to strengthen him. When doing ring work, ride in
    a forward saddle for now, and stay off his back some and work with
    ground poles.

    Okay, all that has been done, and I have done this all with very good
    professionals. I have had nothing but the absolute best work, with me and
    my horse.  Since I believed since day one he had some kind of back

    Saddle fit: I have lived before in saddle fit hell. I know what it is like. I think
    I know more about saddle fit then most of anyone else I know. Plus I have
    asked for more expert opinions and again the consensus is my saddles
    do fit my horse fine. Noting touches his spine at all etc.

    I wish  like heck the saddles did not fit, then I would have something to fix.
    I wish I had not done all the training already that the vets have suggested,
    because again I would have something to fix.

    The vet(s) to think everything is very mild, but they don't seem to be
    able to answer all my fears, so if you know more about Sclerosis please
    tell me about it.

    Thank you.
    Louisa and Shadow

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