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Re: RC: Intranasal Vaccines

At 03:03 PM 1/26/02 -0500, wrote:
Anyone have any thoughts on or experience with the intranasal strangles vaccine? 

Hi Karen:  Since I'm one person who has had an adverse reaction on my horse with a nasal strangles vaccine, I thought I would comment. 

If you do get the vaccine, make sure you do it by itself.  Don't do any other vaccinations at the same time.  That way, if there is a reaction you will know for sure what it was. 

I think the reason my horse reacted, was because that was the 2nd year he had received the intranasal strangles vaccine, and had already built up a sufficient immunity.  He had been to all of the rides where several horses had contracted the illness, and always came home healthy.  The only time in his life that this horse has been really sick, was from that vaccine.  He hasn't been vaccinated for two years, and is healthy as any horse could be, heck he's done 1,550 miles in the last 7 months.  The vaccine reaction really kicked his butt though, it took 10 months to recover and he still has lasting side effects that will probably never go away.  I cannot get any vets here to give him a vaccination of any kind, for fear of him reacting.  They said that another reaction would probably kill him, and that in most cases the illness wouldn't, and basically he's healthy now so why mess with it. 

You can do a search on the internet, and learn a lot about vaccinations and adverse reactions.  Look up the FDA's website on it.  You can run titres on your horse and check out his immunity levels.  This costs more than the vaccines do, so most people choose to just give the vaccinations. 

My other horses, however, are still being vaccinated but not with nasal strangles.  I would much rather they actually get strangles than to have a reaction to the vaccine.  You have no idea how painful it is to watch your horse suffer so much because you were trying to do the right thing. 

btw, if anybody has had a bad reaction to a vaccine I can let you know what I did to finally help get my horse over it and recover. 

in NV
& Weaver, 4,970 miles :-)))....hey I still whinny and come running everytime mom comes home!!

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