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DVE ranting

carla lawson
haven't been there. Don't know where it is, however when I ride it I will
take in account that A RIDE MANAGER took their time out of their lives to
sponsor this. I believe we need to thank these people for doing this. I
think if you have complaints they should be formal and brought to
attention by Mail or in private. You don't do a ride harm that is why they
get tired of doing them. Then we bitch and moan that oh no this ride is
cancelled. If you have a complaint yes talk to the RM, but please do it
when there aren't forty hundred people pulling their arms. Instead it
could be brought to attention at a later time. Is it possible that there
are more things to worry about than someone cutting trail? Such as downed
riders or horses? Completions just don't seem to be as wonderful to brag
about if you cut trail. I know losing sucks and that cheaters suck even
worse. But nothing sucks more than a cheater than a sore loser.
One of these days before I die I am coming out West to enjoy all these
rides out know the South is way to boring!! Yeah Right......
Carla (Come to the are men and sheep are scared)
Ansata (we have boring hills and mountains)
Haley (Yeah not much work here!)
Rob (you want to climb WHAT!??)

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