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trail issues

Kathie Ford
Hi there!  To introduce myself, I'm an avid horselover and have done just
a few limited distance rides which I loved and would like to do more.  I
resided in San Jose until March of 2000.  I them moved to Auburn
California so I could have my horses home with me.  I have been
discouraged however, because I have desired to do many endurance rides but
haven't been able to hook up with or meet any fellow endurance people.  I
made the mistake of selling my trailer prior to moving and have not
replaced it as yet.  But I am determined!  Anyone in the area want to help

Anyway, I am writing to Ridecamp regarding several trail issues that have
come to my attention thru a new club I've joined.  My neighbor is the
President and emails me in regards to these issues.  I would like to make
the statement that we need now more than ever to protect and Preserve our
trail systems.  I saw a little bit of what could happen in the bay area;
in regards to losing them.  Horsepeople, in my opinion are usually very
nice, caring people who love being in the outdoors, and sharing it with
our horses especially. But they never speak up about things that involve
all of us.  Well, from what I can see, we as a group (whole nationwide
group) are being attacked on many different fronts now; with certain
"individuals" trying very surely to close or kick us off our trails that
we love.  I spoke briefly with a forest service employee who said we have
to be LOUD, more than ever now.  Our adversaries are still a smaller group
than ourselves, however, they are persistant, selfish, dishonest (in their
dealings), and downright wrong in their plans to take our trails away.
This is VERY real.  We can no longer be quite and hope "someone" else will
speak up for us.  We desperately need to "line up all our information",
group together (yes, we need to align with other groups who ride bikes and
dirt bikes etc).  The term divide and conquer is true.  We must gather the
voices of hauling vehicle dealerships, tack and feed stores, clothing,
trailer dealers, ALL equestrian groups regardless of dicipline etc.  Then
we must devise a plan.  I truly feel that we are a "sleeping giant" of a
voice; if ONLY we will finally all agree to voice our concerns and frankly
state we will not accept our trails being taken away.  Is anyone out there
with me on this?  I was once quiet.  But it is even happening right in our
own back yard in our beloved rural areas too!  Please, all of you count.
Everyday, we have a choice to speak to someone, a friend, co-worker,
vendor, etc.  Once the facts are exposed we can be LOUD!  I don't mean by
using such unpleasant things as name calling etc; that only creates more
problems.  But guess what?  Our voice, and especially our dollars count.
Think about how much you spent on your equine(s) and your dicipline/sport?
Thing how much it means to you and/or your family...Well to me it means a
lot!  I'm speaking up...Will you join me?

You can receive accurate information from our club president Irv Mazur
thru the Gold Country Trails Counsel. He and others are trying to build a
strong "horse trails council" that will represent us strongly we hope.
This group works real hard, as well as many others for us all. We need to
support them, write letters and maybe even show up in numbers somewhere to
get our point across.  Most importantly, we must be persistant, heard,
armed with the facts, and be able to expose false truths and save our
trails.  So throw your hat in the ring and make it count today!!  Tomorrow
maybe to late...Please, lets not allow that to happen!

Thank you so much for listening.  Now lets get out there and do something!

Thanks, Kathie Ford

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