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I should just stay out of this discussion completely. . . but

You don't have to be a ride manager to have common sense.  To know when to
discuss things with RM or not.  To know that if you don't like the ride,
fine, don't do it again!  I rode on one of my first 50's and I got lost by
following the person in front of me instead of following ribbons, my
fault, I learned, period.  I was extra tried and discouraged on that
particular ride because of getting lost and because it was this horse
first 50 and I added at least 5 miles to the ride, again my own fault. 
There were people who cut across on this ride, I know for certain.  To me
it is their loss, they are being dishonest.  It made me angry, at the
appropriate time I discussed it with RM.  She was aware, I let it drop and
never worried about it again.  I know that this RM is honest and will do
the right thing and whatever it is, it is up to them.  I am only concerned
that I follow the rules, take care of my horse, and complete the ride.  I
for one am very grateful to all RM's for putting on rides and certainly
don't want to drive any of them out.

I also enjoy meeting new people and riding with them on rides but I have
also learned that I enjoy riding alone.  It makes me more aware of my
surroundings, my equine partner and my own limitation.  My motto to live

Hope for the best.
Expect the worst.
Take what comes.

    Check it Out!    

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