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Re: Death Valley Rant

The issue of David's LD ride being entirely flat across the desert reminds me of a day on Applegate-Lassen ride when a rider came into the vet check halfway through and said, "BORRRING!"  Yes, the day's trail (actually a road) was flat all the way, but I believe boring is in the mind.  I've ridden that stretch of trail (road) about 10 times and I've never found it boring.  How can anything be boring with all that scenery around?  I just put my horse on auto-pilot and trot along looking at mountains, gulches, vegetation, looking for animals, thinking about the pioneers who endured such terrible hardships on that trail.  Never boring!  And the area around Ballarat on DVE is highly variable, even on the flat stretches.  It's all in a person's perspective, isn't it?
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Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2002 10:59 PM
Subject: RC: Death Valley Rant

<<Nick, knock off fluffing our pillows and yank your head out of the sand.
You can save the chocolate kisses for somebody else. #1, impeccable
weather? how about cold and overcast the entire time we were there, didn't
miss my sunblock at all.
#2, and most importantly: my 25 on the second day was pretty much what I'd
call an airport ride circumnavigating a dried up piece of lake bed, pretty
much a yawner no matter what the weather.>>

This seems a little bit uncalled for.  Even if your rant about people cutting trail and missing vet checks IS true, why does Nick have to pull his head out of a pillow and quit eating chocolate kisses (or whatever)? He had a great ride on a great horse!  If you have a problem with the ride, file a formal protest. Basically put up or shut up!

Also, if you want scenery, ride the 50.


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