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Death Valley Rant

<<Nick, knock off fluffing our pillows and yank your head out of the sand.
You can save the chocolate kisses for somebody else. #1, impeccable
weather? how about cold and overcast the entire time we were there, didn't
miss my sunblock at all.
#2, and most importantly: my 25 on the second day was pretty much what I'd
call an airport ride circumnavigating a dried up piece of lake bed, pretty
much a yawner no matter what the weather.>>

This seems a little bit uncalled for.  Even if your rant about people cutting trail and missing vet checks IS true, why does Nick have to pull his head out of a pillow and quit eating chocolate kisses (or whatever)? He had a great ride on a great horse!  If you have a problem with the ride, file a formal protest. Basically put up or shut up!

Also, if you want scenery, ride the 50.


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