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Re: RC: Re: Death Valley Rant

At 07:31 AM 01/25/2002 -0800, Barbara McCrary wrote:
>And the area around Ballarat on DVE is highly variable, even on the flat 
>stretches.  It's all in a person's perspective, isn't it?

Well, and it's not really flat either.  If you look across the whole valley 
from on top of the mountain you'll see that there isn't anything totally 
flat anywhere.  I got some of the most beautiful photos I've ever taken at 
this ride.  I love how storms cause the desert scenery to look so dramatic, 
it's truly beautiful.

Here is one photo that is made more interesting because of the 

This one shows that while the valley looks flat, it is certainly not "level":

Bored?  How could you get bored on the back of a horse!!!   Barbara, I 
never got bored on the Applegate-Lassen trail!  Maybe you should do it 
again so I can go back and see if it's more boring the 2nd time! :+))


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