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Re: RC: Portable Corral-info request

There is nothing "perfect," I've seen loose horses trample through a portable
coral at night and boy was that a mess.They can get tangled up in tie lines where
horses are tied. I've seen horses tied to trailers get the leg stuck under the
trailer. Horses have gotten tangled up in trailer ties and got hurt.

The best thing is, however, you choose to secure them provide as much blockage as
you can in case horses get loose. You can put on one side of your trailer and use
the truck to block two sides. If you can get next to a fence that a good block.

Avoid being in a location where loose horses will be funneled toward you.

If you do use electric, as I do, make sure it is properly grounded and the
batteries are good. If it is not grounded it will not work. If you don't have a
tester, test it you self by touching it. It won't kill you but it should provide
a good bite. If you are too chicken to touch it, have your spouse or SO do it.
That works once. In the SE you could offer Howard a beer to touch it and test it
for you. That should work.

T wrote:

> I've been using the portable electric fence for a couple of years, with the
> wide white tape.  Haven't had any problems with my horse, as long as the
> charger worked...he tests it at every single ride, and at the one ride where
> the charger wasn't working and I thought I could bluff him, he pulled all the
> posts out of the ground (he spent that ride tied to the trailer except when I
> was right there at the trailer watching him).  <G>
> The big problem I've always been worried about, and that really hit home at a
> 3-day ride a month or so ago, is other loose horses.  At this recent ride, a
> bunch (maybe 10-15?) of horses got loose and were galloping in a herd back
> and forth through camp - not just once, but twice.  My husband and I, along
> with my riding partner, ran to secure our horses, all of which were in
> electric fences.  Hubby had already promised me a portable panel corral for
> my b-day, and he really got to see the need for one at this ride!  Guess this
> (other loose horses) is the biggest drawback I see to the portable electric
> fence...might work well for your horse (as it does for mine), but one can't
> control all the other horses in camp.
> Dawn in Texas

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