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    Re: [RC] Equine Clinicians Compete - Linda

          My provider kicked back my ridecamp mail for a few days so I don't
    have the posts to copy, but just had to reply to a few things.
        We participate in about 4 or 5 clinics a year.  I guess it is a hobby of
    ours, expanding our training knowledge.  We don't follow one person, and try
    to take something away from each one that we can add to "our" way of doing
    things.  If  I had to choose just one, it would have to be Parelli, because
    of the creativity you use in training (no bridle, laying down, playing with
    the ball, etc ) and because of his training levels and testing.    Buck
    Brannaman is great at colt starting and finishing out the bridle horse.
    And Mark Rashid makes you see things from the horses point of view.
         The post that says... "these methods are snake oil"  "to bad so many
    people are sold on these methods"  " this is a quick fix"   is way off base!
    Not one of these clinicians would tell you your horse is started/broke after
    2 days.  What they are showing you is the steps for training, you have to go
    home and start back at step one and work through them.  They have just
    gotten you through the steps under supervision and in a safe enviroment.
    And just because you buy a few video tapes doesn't mean the horse is
    trained, it takes a lot of hard work.  The people that work at it (read, go
    to clinics, improve their "feel" with horses) are successful, the people
    that don't think it is a gimick.
        The post that says... "have tried out Parelli trained horses and found
    them to lack respect and dangerous behaviours"  "found lack of safety,
    kneeling in front to bridle"   Again... just because someone bought the
    tapes and wants to say that the horse for sale "has Parelli training"
    doesn't work.   This person obviously didn't put in the time and effort or
    didn't do it correctly.   As far as the safety issue...  this is all what
    you are comfortable with.  I personally like to "think outside the box" as
    far as what my horse and I can do.
         My point is... these methods (nh, clicker training, etc) do work if
    given a fair shot (and I'm sure that diet would work too, if I would stick
    to it).   And as Mark Rashid says... "Consider the horse".
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    Re: [RC] Equine Clinicians Compete, Magnumsmom