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    Re: [RC] Equine Clinicians Compete - Magnumsmom

    During the clinic I attended several years ago Monty Roberts 
    stressed that you end on a good note, get off and put the
    horse away to "think about it"... sleep on it over night,
    as opposed to "seeing if they can do it right again." 
    The idea is for the horse to remember doing it the right 
    way for the rest of the day and night.  This makes a lot 
    of sense to me.
    Personally I think Monty, Pat, John, Mark Rashid, clicker
    training and others  have a lot of good information out 
    there.  It's up to the  owner to open a good line of 
    comunication with your horse and find what works best to 
    achieve the results you are looking for.  For instance, 
    I'm watching a Parrelli trainer here in Santa Fe work 
    with the carrot stick.  Looks like it might work to teach 
    the 'old TB not to spook at plastic bags.  Sometimes, the
    horse just looks confused though.  Like the line of
    communication isn't there yet or it got dropped.
    Blue got some Parrelli training before I got him from Jackie
    Bumgardener and I really appreciate that training.  It gave 
    me a good base to work from.  Personally, I open my line
    of communication with a horse using Monty's join-up.
    Also, coming from Jackie, Blue was taught, worked and 
    treated right and fairly... and only slightly spoiled.  
    ;-)  I've been working hard on increasing  the amount of spoiled rotten training he has.  :) :) :)  Right now he 
    has the whole neighborhood trained to bring him carrots 
    atleast once a day.
    The thing that really gets to me is when one trainer or 
    training "method" bad mouths another.  I have a total lack 
    of respect for this bs as well as the people who believe a
    line of crock like that.  The Parrelli trainer here that I
    referred to took less than 10 minutes to start in on why
    kinds of other training methods were bad in front of a 
    group of interested horse lovers.  I'll watch what she does
    that gets results but I have little respect for her as a
    person or spokesperson.
    I wonder if kids with poor sleeping environments (stress, 
    fear) have more motor skill problems as adults?
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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