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    [RC] Gotta brag on my boy - Ridecamp Guest

    aperez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      As much as Idiot Boy bugs me with his 'spooking-at-nothing', I have to give him credit when it is due.  The other day I was riding along a road (only way to get to the trails).  We were on the edge of a lawn: to the left was a short but veryb steep 
    slope down to the road, to the right a fence. The space to ride bewteen the fence and the road was maybe 4 feet wide.  There is a tree we have to go around, through a small space between
    the fence and the tree.  Well right in this space was a burned deer skeleton: seems a deer had gotten hit by a car, and with
    all the heat we've been having, I assume it got so ripe that the 
    landowner opted to douse it with gasoline and torch it rather 
    then haul it off or bury it.  Fortunately we'd had some rain so
    the smell wasn't too bad.  I had not choice but to ride right 
    over it... and just beyond the skeleton were some plastic plant pots:  I was SURE Cy would take this as an excuse to spook, since I hadn't ridden in awhile and he was 'up'.  Bless his 
    heart, after eying it warily, he tip-toed through the deer bones 
    and over the pots as good as gold.  Of course he still spooked 
    at the flower garden in front of the restaurant that we pass 
    EVERY time we ride, and which he spooks at EVERY time time we 
    ride, but what the hell.  Now if he'd only stop spooking at his 
    saddle every time I put it on him...
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