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FW: help me pull

Hi everyone... just posting this for a friend with some info to share on trailer pulling in the UK.
Darolyn Butler-Dial  & Mark Dial  (COWBOYFrom: Karen Pywell []
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2002 8:54 AM
To:; Darolyn Butler-Dial
Subject: help me pull
Karla, just to share with you!

I'm from England and we do not have goosenecks etc etc, we competed alot although not travelling as many miles here as Texas is so huge, but, this was the normal in the U.K. and people would do long trips all over the country with these types of vehicles.

Me, personally I pulled a two horse trailer, a really long trailer and high too which was also used as a cow trailer,, , with a Mitsubishi I think you call it the Pajero here, in England its called Shogun it was the biggest sized one, it did the job beautifully but over 60 then you get sway with a hitch and we don't drive so fast there anyway no huge freeways lots of country roads etc, the Shogun was comfortable and the whole back of it went down into a bed, plus had the extra seats in the back.  Anyway lots of our Pony Club pulled with Isuzu Troopers, Range Rover, Discovery, Toyota Landcruiser's, we don't have giant trucks like here so these vehicles were the biggest you could get, I have at one point pulled with a Volvo, but that was not that good, but needs must.  At the moment I am looking at trailers myself and I will pull it with a Lincoln Navigator, but,I've seen people here pulling with the Ford Expedition too.  Anyway that is what I did it worked for me w ith 2 14.2 horses, and

Good luck

Karen Pywell

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