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Chevy Tahoe

kathy mayeda
My brother in law has a Chevy Tahoe and it's really not that much
different than my Chevy 1/2 ton except for body type of course. I think
that his wheel base is slightly shorter than my extended cab, which is not
a good thing. I think it has the same engine and similar pulling capacity,
but I think his gas mileage is a little less because he may have more

My C1500 pulls a two horse trailer just fine, except it does chug a little
uphill when hauling two horse slant bumper pull and ride stuff.  I have an
extended cab and I could fit 6 people into my truck.  Just put a shell top
on it, and I actually think it's more utilitarian set up like this than my
bro-in-laws Tahoe.  But my niece rides in luxury on leather captain's
chair in the back of the Tahoe instead of a bench seat in my truck.  (But
my next truck will be deisel, so I could haul a LQ - yeah right...)

Check the literature.  I bet it could tow a 2-horse BP fine.  Come to
think of it, another friend of mine towed a slightly heavier trailer than
mine with a Tahoe.


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