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Endurance World

kathy mayeda
The Magazine is not as elitist as one might expect.
There are articles about many horses and people that we
are all familiar with in the United States. Add to this
the same type of articles from other countries people,
horses, organizations and rides. Makes the world

I really dug the last issue's article about Dato, the
Malaysian.  There was an article about three US
endurance stallions: Wazirs Karahty, LS Zane Grey and DR
ThunderBask.  There were three excellent veterinary
articles on gastric ulcers, blood values and heat
stress, all written by Americans.  And you should see
the rig from U.K.

There was an article about the President's cup and the
1st page contained pictures of Western U.S. riders
invited to ride there - Marcia Smith DVM, Hal Hall, and
Heather Bergantz.  I don't think that we can complain
that this magazine is slanted towards UAE - in fact,
other countries could complain that the US gets
relatively too much exposure in this mag!  (But I'm not
complaining, Jennifer.)

There is a wealth of good information in this magazine
and it's certainly a lot "prettier" than Endurance

There was even a column called "Trainers Talk" where
Marcia Smith, DVM mentioned using a kimberwicke for a
strong pulling horse!

This magazine has a lot of good information, even if you don't ever want
to ride FEI.  Get a sample copy - it may open your eyes to the World
outside of AERC.  Every country has their own slant on endurance riding,
and it really IS interesting comparing our rules with other national rules
and organizations.  FEI does enter the picture a lot, but you will get
more news on how riders in UK are coping with hoof and mouth, the major
rides in Europe, and the Quilty in Australia.  The world is big out there,
don't limit yourselves.  And you get to read a feature column by Michael
Stone, which frankly makes my blood boil a little, but it is good to have
it out in the open.

I don't hold it against the Jennifer Nice and the magazine for publishing
Tom Ivers letter.  I'm trying to think of a way to write a nice rebuttal,
but I can't really think of what to say right now.

Howard, you make me laugh about your Sultans of Swing posts!


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