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Endurance World

Angie McGhee
Hey, this is Angie, writing from work. Just want to clarify something. I
subscribe to Endurance World because I really liked the 2 sample issues,
and their representatives were very nice. From what I've seen so far of
the new one I think I'll like it too.  I disagree with someone who pointed
out to me that it is only for the rider with International Goals.  That's
like saying "People" is only for people who plan to be movie stars.  I
just liked to read it. It's attractive and interesting.  Sure, it's
obvious that it's written from the viewpoint of Middle Eastern racing, but
if it were from America I'd expect it to be biased towards American
racing. I see no problem with that. They give a section of the magazine to
each country that participates in the sport and it's really interesting to
read about what's going on in different parts of the world. As for saying
it's only for people who "have international goals" I think a lot of
people who think they don't have international goals are going to surprise
themselves if they suddenly find themselves sitting on a world beater
someday and get the urge to prove it.

If I were invited to take my horse to a race overseas the only thing that
would stop me would be worries about safety, or losing my job. >g< My
complaint was that someone was allowed to badmouth an entire society
because of idiological differences with a part of the membership of one
organization.  We're a diverse group and a lot of us cross back and forth
over the line. I think that's where the editing process should come in.
If someone wants to argue an idea, great, go to it, you're entitled to
your opinion, but don't throw in "And your mama wears army boots" to the
discussion.  I can't imagine that would impress anyone.

I won't mention this on ridecamp again and hope everyone will drop it like
Steph said. Sorry to drum it up. But I did want to make sure nobody took
my disagreement with one letter as a discouragement from trying Endurance


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