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AW: Tom Ivers letter

Dear Angie,

you say that you are a subscriber of "Endurance World" and that you read Tom
Ivers letter in the first magazin you received.
Besides whether Tom is right or not: Why did you choose Ridecamp as your way
of answering to that letter? It's published in the "Endurance World"
magazin, it was read by subscribers of that magazin - and now you trumpet
out loud all over Ridecamp. The correct way to express you feelings and to
discuss your thoughts is to write to "Endurance World". It is also the only
way Tom will receive your writings as he isn't subscribed to Ridecamp any
more (as you know for sure).
So why the hell do you start again stirring in that pot, swirling up tons of
dust? Tom is history on Ridecamp.

By the way, his letter is directed to the endurance racers, to those who
share his views, to those whose goals are the worldwide rankings, the World
Championship. It is not directed to those who are riding the "local" rides
only, where "local" can be one State, one country or whatever. I think of
those who are riding just for fun, happy with a Top Ten, even more happy
with a win. It doesn't matter in which country they ride - USA, Europe,
Asia... All these aren't riders who will ever think about flying with their
horse to the UAE to compete, flying to Spain to start at the WCh, flying to
Australia to start at the Tom Quilty or to the USA to start at the Tevis.
"Endurance World" is, IMHO, a magazin for those with "higher" goals, with a
bit more "professionalism". It's not for the "I am happy to finish"-rider,
but if this rider is reading the magazin, he should not wonder about some of
the articles, not fume if they aren't fitting his thoughts, not whine if
others are racing - we have two different campsites here.

Wolfgang Schwingenheuer
Endurance Trainer&Consulter

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