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Re: AW: Tom Ivers letter

> Dear Angie,
> you say that you are a subscriber of "Endurance World" and that you read
> Ivers letter in the first magazin you received.
> Besides whether Tom is right or not: Why did you choose Ridecamp as your
> of answering to that letter? It's published in the "Endurance World"
> magazin, it was read by subscribers of that magazin - and now you trumpet
> out loud all over Ridecamp. The correct way to express you feelings and to
> discuss your thoughts is to write to "Endurance World". It is also the
> way Tom will receive your writings as he isn't subscribed to Ridecamp any
> more (as you know for sure).

I'm confused, Wolfgang.  Why SHOULDN'T she tell Ridecamp?  Tom is discussing
issues that are of interest to Ridecampers, and has had a rather
checkerboard history on Ridecamp, so I would suspect that Angie might have
figured that Ridecampers might be interested in what Mr. Ivers might be
saying about their sport elsewhere.  I doubt that Angie's biggest concern
was whether Mr. Ivers might read her post (although undoubtedly his minions
who DO remain on Ridecamp have forwarded it to him), but rather that other
endurance riders be aware of what Mr. Ivers is trying to peddle elsewhere.


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