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Re: AW: Tom Ivers letter

At 07:54 AM 1/16/02 -0700, Heidi Smith wrote:
>I'm confused, Wolfgang.  Why SHOULDN'T she tell Ridecamp?  Tom is discussing
>issues that are of interest to Ridecampers, and has had a rather
>checkerboard history on Ridecamp, so I would suspect that Angie might have
>figured that Ridecampers might be interested in what Mr. Ivers might be
>saying about their sport elsewhere.  I doubt that Angie's biggest concern
>was whether Mr. Ivers might read her post (although undoubtedly his minions
>who DO remain on Ridecamp have forwarded it to him), but rather that other
>endurance riders be aware of what Mr. Ivers is trying to peddle elsewhere.

And since lists are always changing in populations there may be new folks
on the list who are not aware of the depth of the thread.

And there may be those who are unaware of the "challenge" and how one list
member (forgot her name, my apologies) stepped forward and offered to oversee
the challenge in one of the most faultless ways I've seen in a long time.

Marv "Out of list, out of mind." Walker

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