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Here's my take on SUVs and hauling.  I don't see any
problem pulling a horse trailer with any truck/SUV
that is sound and has the power.  In a perfect horse
world we'd all have a 3500 series king cab diesel
dually with a shiny aluminum gooseneck.  This just
isn't feasible for some.  Bumper pulls will work just
fine behind most SUVs.   Most SUVs are nothing more
than trucks with a different body.  Take the Fords for
instance, Expedition=F150, Excursion=F250, and I
believe Explorer=Ranger.  Chevy I'm sure is the same
way.  Jeep GC's are nice with the V8, but personally I
like more room and a longer wheelbase.  If you're
going with a huge bumper pull, you'll definitely want
the weight distribution type hitch.  The reason I say
"most SUVs" above, is that there are some SUVs that I
would not use for pulling a horse trailer.  I would
say that most foreign SUVs are "car based" and would
not be as safe with pulling such weight.  But the more
popular American made models from Ford and Chevy would
definitely do the job since they are "truck based"


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