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Re: Chevy Tahoe

Well, Karla, I have pulled both a 16' stock and a smaller 2 horse with a Ford Bronco (wheelbase 104"). I had difficulty with pulling up hills (I'm in the Sierra foothills so we have some pretty steep ones) and that was a nuisance.  But the thing that really scared me was the fishtailing at any speed over 35mph or when I was passed by anther vehicle.  Not to mention that it was quite disconcerting to be pushed down the hill you had just struggled up by the trailer.  It just was not a safe tow vehicle and endangered both the horses in the trailer and my kids in the vehicle.

For Christmas last year we bought a crew cab F350 (wheelbase 156").  The cab area is very roomy for my big boys, and it pulls anything anywhere with no problem.  I have literally pulled trailers thousands of miles with it up and over the Sierras, at high freeway speeds on I80, up and down very steep windy mountain roads, no problem.  We went with the short bed to shorten the long wheelbase, but no doubt it is a boat.  It took me a while to get used to driving it, and I really miss the nimbleness and easy parking of the Bronco.  But the difference in the safety of trailering is monumental.  I work in Sacramento and have driven my truck and parked in the Bay Area.  It was not an easy as an SUV, but it can be done and gets easier with practice.  Same with manuvering and backing the trailer.

This probably isn't what you wanted to hear.  But I have never been as scared as I was pulling a trailer with the Bronco.

There is an excellent article on trailer tow vehicles at  On the top left click on the arrow next to home and a drop down menu will appear that says tow info. Try that and good luck with your decision.


Anyone pulling a 2 horse trailer with a Chevy Tahoe? I'm looking into this SUV and want to hear any comments. I went to and checked out the forum about Jeep Grand Cherokees and it did not look good for me. Guess SUV's are top heavy and don't weigh enough to pull a trailer safely. But the Chevy Tahoe is larger, wider and heavier. Just want to chat with someone who likes them or hates them before go to buy.
Karla Watson
Portland, Oregon
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