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Re: RC: Putting a stop on a horse

Or as they say Angie, theory is wonderful - if only the damn horse would read
the book on theory so he would know how he was suppose to react.

But I have yet seen a horse in reading glasses.


Rides 2 Far wrote:

> Ray said he had never been on a horse that could run
> > faster than he could ride him.
> Me either, but I *have* been on a horse that was running faster than he
> could navigate a turn.  >snap! goes the collarbone<
> >Teach the horse to be supple and > giving to
> > the snaffle at the walk and trot first.
> If I could pull a pin and "disengage his hip" I have no doubt that Kaboot
> would continue forward pulling himself along like a seal.  All this talk
> is very nice, but I'm going to tell a a story I may have told before
> simply because I think it might fit in this discussion.
> I was riding with a rider from Texas in the Biltmore 100 last year,
> didn't catch her name...she told me about her dressage instructor having
> problems understanding why she couldn't control her horse at a race with
> the snaffle.  The instructor made it very clear that she simply was not
> using her seat and her aids correctly since the horse was PERFECT for the
> instructor.  The rider invited the instructor to come do a 25 miler on
> the horse.  The instructor accepted.  The rider offered her a little more
> control...(don't remember what) the instructor made it *very* clear that
> a snaffle was all *she* needed.  The rider offered her an endurance
> saddle.  The instructor made it *very* clear that she had done MANY miles
> in her dressage saddle and in her usual attire and a mere 25 miler was no
> reason to change.  So...the rider did the 50, and the "in control"
> dressage instructor started a 25 miler with a big pack of other horses on
> a flat straight trail.  That evening the instructor's eyes were on stems,
> her legs were rubbed raw and weak kneed. She seemed shell shocked.  The
> horse had pretty much run away the entire distance.  The instuctor just
> kept mumbling that she couldn't believe that was the same horse.
> BUT....the instructor LOVED IT.  She decided this was a sport she just
> HAD to try.  :-))
> P.S.It's hard to "use your seat" when you're posting a foot off the
> saddle!
> Angie
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