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Re: RC: Pelham

Kathy, I have always ridden Sere in a snaffle or a sidepull. However, this season, I realized she'd gotten to be a bit too opinionated for the sidepull, so I stopped using that and only used the snaffle with a running martingale. I recently switched her to a low port kimberwicke because I thought the snaffle was bothering her mouth and I think she *really* likes the kimberwicke. I didn't switch bits because I needed more control, I did it because I thought she'd like it better.  I can be much lighter with my hands when using the kimberwicke, and I really like that. My first ride out of the arena with the kimberwicke, I had the martingale on (which is how we had practiced in the arena) and it didn't take long for me to figure out that the kimberwicke/martingale combo was not going to work.  It gave me a lot more leverage than the snaffle/martingale combo and it was really obvious that Sere didn't like it. I took the martingale off and she was happy as a clam. 


<<At 04:06 PM 01/17/2002 -0800, you wrote:

I actually rode Beau with a double reined pelham when I first acquired him.  He wouldn t go in a jointed snaffle back then because he needed dental work done.  Once I had (canines?) cut back I was able to use the snaffle.  I actually prefer the way he responds to a french link snaffle than a pelham under normal situations now.  I m just talking about race control with kimberwicke.

So bottom line I will continue to ride with the snaffle under most situations and occassionally train with other stuff so that it s available as a tool as brakes.  I have a curiousity about the running martingale that won t be quenched until I actually try it.  Will definitely try the kimberwicke.

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