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Re: RC: Putting a stop on a horse

Ray said he had never been on a horse that could run
> faster than he could ride him.  

Me either, but I *have* been on a horse that was running faster than he
could navigate a turn.  >snap! goes the collarbone<

>Teach the horse to be supple and > giving to
> the snaffle at the walk and trot first.  

If I could pull a pin and "disengage his hip" I have no doubt that Kaboot
would continue forward pulling himself along like a seal.  All this talk
is very nice, but I'm going to tell a a story I may have told before
simply because I think it might fit in this discussion.  

I was riding with a rider from Texas in the Biltmore 100 last year,
didn't catch her name...she told me about her dressage instructor having
problems understanding why she couldn't control her horse at a race with
the snaffle.  The instructor made it very clear that she simply was not
using her seat and her aids correctly since the horse was PERFECT for the
instructor.  The rider invited the instructor to come do a 25 miler on
the horse.  The instructor accepted.  The rider offered her a little more
control...(don't remember what) the instructor made it *very* clear that
a snaffle was all *she* needed.  The rider offered her an endurance
saddle.  The instructor made it *very* clear that she had done MANY miles
in her dressage saddle and in her usual attire and a mere 25 miler was no
reason to change.  So...the rider did the 50, and the "in control"
dressage instructor started a 25 miler with a big pack of other horses on
a flat straight trail.  That evening the instructor's eyes were on stems,
her legs were rubbed raw and weak kneed. She seemed shell shocked.  The
horse had pretty much run away the entire distance.  The instuctor just
kept mumbling that she couldn't believe that was the same horse. 
BUT....the instructor LOVED IT.  She decided this was a sport she just
HAD to try.  :-))

P.S.It's hard to "use your seat" when you're posting a foot off the

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