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Re: RC: Why so few LDs in NE region????

Check you EN again - there is only one ride in the SE without an LD, the
spring Biltmore. This is because of the popularity of the ride and
restrictions on camping space. If you want to go ride an LD at the Biltmore
estate you will have to wait till the fall.

Other than that one ride, ever SE ride has an LD.

Truman wrote:

> Amy Tetervin
> Hi- As a near-beginner at endurance riding, I'm particularly interested in
> LD rides since my horse
> and I are not ready either physically or mentally  to go for a 50 right
> off the bat.  Looking
> at the calendar in Endurance News, there are so few LD rides in the NE and
> almost as few in the
> SE region, that I wonder how anyone can become an endurance rider in this
> part of the country.
> Does anyone have any information on why this is so and what, if anything,
> can be done to encourage
> more LD rides? Thanks- Amy (disappointed in Virginia)
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