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Re: RC: XP 2001

Truman, I hope John Parke will also reply but Skoldjur, his iccie that did so many miles, trotted and never tolted.
    If I had to guess, I'd say small size and great self care abilities were factors in those particular horses' successes.  Both horses really knew how to take care of themselves efficiently.  Skoldjur would come into camp and flop on his side, dead to the world asleep, looking for all the world like he had died.  But in a bit he'd get up and start eating.  Neither horse ever wasted a movement either on the trail or in camp.
    There were arabs that were also very good at taking care of themselves so I'd agree, Truman, that luck also played a really big role!
Cheers, Laney

Truman Prevatt wrote:

There are probably a lot of factors - luck being one. In general though  the
gaited breeds ,here I'm referring to the Icelandic, were developed to cover
ground in an efficient manner to both the rider and horse at moderate speeds (
a 5 hour 50 is not a moderate speed where a 10 hour 50 is).

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