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XP 2001

I have enjoyed reading the articles on the XP 2001 in EN over the past
couple months.  I find it very interesting that the two horses that were
able to complete the most miles were not Arabs or Arab crosses.  As a
topic of discussion, I would be curious to know why an Icelandic and a
Mustang completed SEVERAL more miles (days) than any Arab yet I would
guess that 90% of the horses entered were of Arabian blood.  I assume that
many people riding Arabians wanted to complete more days.  Could it be
that  the Mustang and Icelandic are exceptional specimans of their breed
(were the Arabs entered not exceptional individuals) or is there something
that that the non Arab breeds have that allowed them to excel at a this
type of competition (2000 mile ride)?  I don't believe that the "speed"
factor is the issue because many of the Arab bred horses must have been
being ridden at the same speed as the non Arabs yet they were not able to
complete as many miles. Is it the human factor?  Were the riders of the
non Arabs better horseman than the riders of the Arab bred horses? I doubt
that as I personally know many of the Arabian riders who entered the ZP
2001 and respect their ability as distance riders.
   I think this would be an interesting topic to discuss and investigate
BUT I don't want to start any flaming!  I ride and own only Arabs/Arab
crosses so I am not promoting one breed over another - I am just curious


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