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I have no problem with sanctioning the ROC.......BUT  The problem I have is what do we do when someone else does not follow the rules as to sanctioning process.  Why do we have these rules?  To protect the riders.  So the races will be sanctioned far enough in advance to be listed in the EN and allow people to make plans, etc.

Susan knew a long, long time ago, the rules re the ROC.  It is my opinion that she has chosen to ignore them.  

We cannot change the rules for one person and not for others.  What about Potato's ride last year that did not get sanctioning because it was too late to make changes?  It is sort of like the overtime thing.  If you let someone finish overtime because it is just one minute over, then the next person who is just 2 minutes behind, where do you finally stop?  

The board bent over backwards last time and sanctioned the ROC but I doubt they will be inclined to do it again.  

The bottom line is that to date, the ROC has not requested sanctioning and it is way too late to do so.


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