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While you may have the best interests of the sport in mind I
believe that I must remind you that all sports are regulated
by some type of consistency. This consistency is found in
the rules and regulations of the particular sport. When
these are subverted, as in "being flexible" then the sport

I must remonstrate with you in your statement <<<and if a
few corners are cut on administrative issues, before or
after, b i g deal.>>>

TO me this is a VERY BIG DEAL! If slack is cut for Susan,
then the same slack must be cut for every other Ride
Manager! If this is done we may as well toss the AERC Rules
and Regulations in the can.

Steve, I ask of you only one question. Which is most
important to you in this matter? THE INTEGRITY OF THE SPORT?

Bob Morris

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From: Steve Shaw []
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 9:14 AM
To: Ridecamp
Subject: RC: ROC

Seems like many on camp here are "pulling" for the ROC to
not get

Even if Susan is showing some of her consistency we should
be assisting
and supporting and being flexible in seeking sanctioning. It
is only in
the best interest of the riders, horses and increased venues
for our

The ROC has consistently been a first rate affair on Race
Day and if a
few corners are cut on administrative issues, before or
after, b i g
deal. Let's help the event out.

Steve Shaw

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