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Not Good News on ROC

Just so the facts are known, once again -  AERC has never received a
Sanction Request for the proposed 2002 ROC.   I am the Sanctioning
Director for the AERC SW Region and all regular Sanction Requests would
come to me for approval.  In the case of "Special Event Rides", they
would be sent to the AERC Office and the Special Sanctioning Director. 
Additionally, those to be held in my region, like the ROC,  they would
come to me and then be forwarded to the AERC BOD for final
approval...this has not happened.   I have never received a request for,
or had conversation with the ride management, about a Sanction Request
for the ROC.  I did receive a request in October, 2001 from the same ride
management  to send them a blank Sanction Form for a proposed new ride to
be called the Yavapai 100, "to be held in conjunction with the 2002 ROC".
 The forms were sent to the ride management but they were not sent back
to me and I have not heard anymore about this proposed event.  

Last week both USA-E and FEI stated they knew nothing about the ROC and
had not received a request for sanctioning.  As of today (1-16-02)  there
has been no change in that status...neither organization has had a
request to sanction the ROC as an FEI ride.  

The ROC has been a fun event.  I competed in the 1985,1987, & 1988 ROC's
and had a great time.   But be advised that if you enter the ROC you
should thoroughly check out its status if sanctioning by a recognized
endurance organization is important to you.  Please note that all AERC
sanctioned events must go through the same simple process to be
sanctioned and approximately 200+ ride manager's do this correctly.  It
is a similar process for USA-E and FEI and just like AERC ride managers,
those who wish to sanction with USA-E/FEI merely have to follow a simple
procedure.  All three organizations have defined timetables and deadlines
that treat sanctioning requests fairly and equitably.

Randy Eiland
SW Region Director

Bev wrote:
From: beverly Gray <>To: ridecamp-d@endurance.netDate:
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 15:26:26 -0700
Subject: ROC- Good News Maybe

Sorry Ridecampers;
My second call from the "reliable source" says that the ROC
application needs to go through the board since it didn't meet last
weeks deadline. I understand the application was sent back in
November, so apparently another lost in the mail problem (I've had
several myself) 
Stay tuned!
Beverly Gray

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