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Re: Question for the guys

In the old days, pre-tights, just about all of the Tevis riders wore panty
hose, male and female both, under their jeans.  I would strongly suggest
this, or even better, tights under the jeans.  Of course, try this before
the big event, for fine tuning.  Some non-chafing product in sensitive areas
would also help.

Joan Dowis

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>   I've got a question, on my Dad's behalf.  We went on a ride -
> loooonnngg slow distance (pre rodeo trail ride practice - 12 miles,
> taking 7 hours!).  My Dad had sores on his behind when we were done.
> We're wondering about anything and everything that we can do to make that
> long of a time in a saddle be more comfortable and not cause soreness.
> Anyone have any suggestions??  We're going to ride with Valley Lodge on
> the last day of the trail ride through Houston prior to the Houston
> Livestock Show & Rodeo on February 9th.
> Rae
> Tall C Arabians - SE TX
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