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    RE: [RC] [RC] [RC] [RC] Start - Nancy Mitts

    The problem isn't so much in the rules as it is the weasel holes that get dug around them. I find the blase' acceptance of the practice in this discussion is as disturbing as the practice itself. No, actually, more so.
    According to Steph's post, it appears reasonable minds will prevail in this instance. Good. We would have to write a rule as large as our current entire rulebook if we had to define at length & detail the meaning of every word therein the issue "start."


    So there's a fair amount of work to draft a rules change. Drafting the
    wording of the new rule needs to happen early on because it allows the group
    to focus on the new wording and its interactions with the rest of the rules.

    So drafting a rule?? want to take a shot at it?? I think the current rules,
    with the possible exception of the problem in 6(a), have adequate
    definitions of starting place and starting time to allow for the kinds of
    competitions AERC sanctions.


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