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    RE: [RC] [RC] [RC] Start - Nancy Mitts

    In order to generalize this discussion:
    1. Why would I (or any other member) ever think to draft a rule that as far as I'M concerned is already clear enough? The issue in this case is a rather "interesting" interpretation of what's already there. Just because I said we "apparently" need a rule, doesn't mean we can't try to enforce what's there and see what happens.
    2. Does AERC really want or need every member to be drafting rules
    for every situation they see that they don't like? I think NOT!
    (Check out the voluminous amount of material the IAHA board deals with, for example, and THAT even comes through committees!)
    AERC shouldn't NEED individual members out there writing rules. We just need to be able to shine the light of day on questionable practices without being made to feel like traitors.
    Also, since you keep referencing my directors, the Central Region Directors (and DAL's from this region)are very accessable. Yes, they do respond to requests for info.
    I just think it's sad it's degenerated to this point......on what should be a simple issue.

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