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    RE: [RC] [RC] Start - John A. Teeter

    I'm on the rules committee and we have been proactive on this issue. That,
    and many other issues have been discussed in depth over the last 4 months
    that I've been involved.
    I agree with all that you've said:
    > We have a Rules Committee to promulgate rules. Why do they
    > not pick up the ball and become proactive? A problem has
    > been identified and we have the mechanism in place to
    > accomplish it.
    Things did work as you described above, and in a fairly short time period.
    > Further the membership has not been aware of the correct
    > forms and procedures for the rules modifications nor have
    > they ever been made aware of the time constraints. The
    > Membership has never been appraised of the Standard
    > Operating Procedures for the Conference. If Nancy did draft
    > a rule change it could be simply rejected on formalities
    > that she was not aware of.
    But Nancy could find out what it takes pretty easily. (I could tell her, or
    Kathleen, or bunches of other people. Nancy, do a little test - ask your
    regional director how to do it:)
    The lack of awareness etc... is an educational issue? This particular issue
    be raised with the education committee and worked forward to ensure
    the membership awareness of the approved policies and procedures of AERC is
    Certainly all members should know how to manage their records and compete
    in rides.
    > Please, the committees were organized to assist the BoD in
    > conducting the business of the AERC.
    (and btw: the BoD was created to help the membership participate in
    endurance competitions:)
    > The membership, by
    > electing the BoD indicated that they wanted these elected
    > representatives to handle the details such as rules
    > promulgation for them.
    But just the act of "the membership" voting for some directors does not
    relieve the membership (nor more pragmatically any member) from
    participation in the processes of the organization. In particular, simply
    having voted for a regional director, I don't think I have abrogated my
    right as a member to think about the rules of the organization, to
    contemplate new/different rules, and work toward the establishment of those
    rules. So Nancy might draft a rules change and have it considered if she
    wants. (There are two ways to make that happen. Ask your regional director
    to provide you with the details.)
    > The Membership has indicated a
    > dissatisfaction with certain conditions and indicated, as
    > well, the need for a rules modification. Now it is up to the
    > Rules Committee to act, not to vacillate.
    yikes!! the committee discussed this in a set of a dozen or so emails over
    the past 3 weeks (actually longer) we made recomendations to the RM
    committee and to the BoD. there was an active process through which this
    issue was resolved. But it was not a predefined process which one would find
    in the policy and procedures manual. The need for a new rule is questionable
    as the current rules seem to do a pretty good job of defining the concept of
    "what is a start".
    Part of the problem might be that this activity isn't too visible to the
    membership - so more transparency in the process would be useful.
    > Let us see some action in order to restore confidence.
    My actions, saddly,  are typically not all that useful in the context of
    confidence restoration:(
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