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    RE: [RC] Starts - John A. Teeter

    Of course the Board can do anything it desires (based on the majority of 26
    members) with respect to the operation of AERC. That's why they were
    elected. That would include, if they desired, directing any reasonable
    action by the executive director.
    I am suggesting that the BoD allow their established protest procedure to be
    used to resolve issues such as the one at hand.
    I don't think there is in prohabilition in Rule 15 which would prevent the
    current president of AERC to file a protest (as long as that person is a
    member:). Nor is there any mandate that any member (including the president)
    file a protest. Each member may determine their role in the organization in
    this respect and file a protest as they see fit.
    I don' t think the name and/or title of the protestee does or should have
    any bearing on the resolution of the protest. I'm sure that the P&G
    committee, being a volenteer group, would apprieciate all attempts to
    resolve the issue(s) involved in the protest while on the other hand
    attempting to insure that all protests are fairly and equitably resolved
    within the context of the the AERC bylaws, rules and regulations.
    (boy, does THAT sound like the party line!!!!:)
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