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    Re: [RC] NO Protest - Lynne Glazer


    Please excuse the simplistic nature of this question, but why can't a member of the BOD just initiate a motion at the upcoming board meeting to plug this hole by amending our rules to clarify that a start is a start? Not all rule additions have been as a result of protests, surely.

    It still can be ride mgr prerogative to refund the rider's entry, if desired, but the AERC fee would still be paid.

    (We're niggling over such a small amount, $4 per rider that "doesn't start". How many of those are there per ride? One? None? Two in 4 yrs of my ride).

    I see no need for a protest in order to codify a rules omission, the same way that other omissions have been rectified over the years of our existence. Am I missing something here?

    Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 8/31/02

    At 11:47 AM -0600 7/12/02, Bob Morris wrote:

    I believe the AERC BoD established a precedent in the past
    when they instructed the AERC Executive Director to file a
    protest. This action, in and of its self, established the
    action I suggest.

    Now, we have an established alleged violation of the rules,
    rather more than alleged since the violations were acceded
    to, perpetrated against the Conference. The Conference,
    represented by the BoD not any singular person, is the
    complainant, the injured party.

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    [RC] Protest, Bob Morris