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    RE: [RC] NO Protest - Bob Morris

    There is an established procedure for rules
    changes/additions and most persons are reluctant to put
    their name to such pieces of action.  for the protection of
    a Committee to do the work. It is not beyond the pale to
    have a singular member do it as well, though the acceptance
    level would be somewhat lower.
    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID
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    From: Lynne Glazer [mailto:lynne@xxxxxxxxxx]
    Sent: Friday, July 12, 2002 12:10 PM
    To: Bob Morris; John Teeter; Endurance List
    Subject: Re: [RC] NO Protest
    Please excuse the simplistic nature of this question, but
    why can't a
    member of the BOD just initiate a motion at the upcoming
    meeting to plug this hole by amending our rules to clarify
    that a
    start is a start?  Not all rule additions have been as a
    result of
    protests, surely.
    It still can be ride mgr prerogative to refund the rider's
    entry, if
    desired, but the AERC fee would still be paid.
    (We're niggling over such a small amount, $4 per rider that
    start".  How many of those are there per ride?  One?  None?
    Two in 4
    yrs of my ride).
    I see no need for a protest in order to codify a rules
    omission, the
    same way that other omissions have been rectified over the
    years of
    our existence.  Am I missing something here?
    Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 8/31/02
    At 11:47 AM -0600 7/12/02, Bob Morris wrote:
    >I believe the AERC BoD established a precedent in the past
    >when they instructed the AERC Executive Director to file a
    >protest. This action, in and of its self, established the
    >action I suggest.
    >Now, we have an established alleged violation of the rules,
    >rather more than alleged since the violations were acceded
    >to, perpetrated against the Conference. The Conference,
    >represented by the BoD not any singular person, is the
    complainant, the injured party.
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    Re: [RC] NO Protest, Lynne Glazer