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    [RC] Starts - kit kat

    Well, I have personally only been to 2 rides. I tell you, I blew both of them. First one, my mare pulls up lame at preveting. But in watching, I saw everyone but 1 go. She came to the vet before she left with her concerns, the vet said ride out a mile, come back, talk to me and if you fell ok, head out again. of course, she haded out, came back and pulled. BUT to me, she came to the vet before she even left, thats different then going out 5 or 10 miles, realizing something is wrong and going back. I do not know if she got a refund. I was suprised that I got a refund in the mail 2 months later. The cost of the rides was what a call out fee for a vet is in my area, and I LEARNED so much from that ride, I dod not care if I got a refund(as I did not know I would get one) Ok, My second ride, I borrow a friends mare. She was off the night before, but vetted in good. So I take her out, mid vet check, she was eats a little but not drinking. She vetted great with but with LITTLE gut sounds. So the vet said, its your choice to pull. Of course we pulled. But to me, if someone wanted to say, I was just a starter, I CHOSE to pull her, so I should have got a refund.... But in my eyes, and even though im a newbie, I agree that I did not get a refund. I rode. If You leave that start line before talking to the vet about things and consulting them if your horse is off and getting there advice, your a rider. No matter if your horse goes lame at 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile etc. Its unfair to the others that ride it and there horses are sound, or get pulled at the mid way check or even the last vetting. There has to be some grounds. Because I tell you, if someone had started at my second ride and pulled after 8 miles, walked back, and the ride manager had said, Oh, no worries, We will give you a refund, I would have personally felt, I should have got one, and anyone that chose to pull there horse, should have got one, no matter how far they had ridden. There has to be a set guidline in this sport. Same as the vet has to check for the same thing on every horse. what if someone came the the vet and said, you cannot take my horses temperature, or He doesnt let ppl touch his legs, or you cant take his capural(sp?) refill in his mouth, and they have a vets not for that and the vet agrees?? I think this would be unfair as well, because, darn, my gelding is an A$$ about lifting his tail for the temp check, so I KNOW that they would still make ME do it... So, yet again, you cannot have it both ways. The rules need to be set, or you mine as well have no rules at all.


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