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    Re: [RC] Starts - EquesB

    In a message dated 7/12/02 12:41:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, bobmorris@xxxxxxxx writes:

    A person paying the $10 fee is called a day member as per the Ride Results Form. Then that person could file a formal protest on that day the $10 was paid. There is nothing in the rules that state the member connation is restricted to full membership.
    Nor is the clause "a member in good standing" or "voting member" required by this rule.

    So If I want to file a protest I go to a ride, pay my $10 and file the protest on that day by E-mail with a credit card payment  and everything is legal.

        So, if a rider/ day member goes to a ride, decides to ride out a ways, then decides to quit for whatever reason.  RM does not claim that person was a starter, is that rider still a day member?  :-))

    Jackie Baker