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    [RC] Horse and Rider records in the On-line Archives - Michael Maul

    In response to the post from Tom Sites concerning the accuracy of the archives - the following might help.

    First - the archives start with Dec 1984. If you rode before Dec 1984 - it will not show up in the on-line records.

    Second - we don't have any records at all in the AERC archives of foreign rides or FEI rides before Dec 1995.
    It's intended as an AERC listing.

    Third - if you were not a member of the AERC - and Tom was not until 1987 - the records prior to joining will not show up under your AERC listing in the archives.

    Fourth - we don't list any LD results from 1984 to Dec 1995.
    Not because they are not important but the accuracy was so low that we didn't want to display them.

    Last - Did Not Finish is not listed in the archives so completion rates for horse/rider are always 100% in those years.

    Records from Dec 1995 on should be very accurate.

    That said - there are inaccuracies and missing portions in the data for the endurance rides listed from 1985 to 1995. Russ Humphrey, Bob Morris, and I spent a year trying to get the data out of the old software that the office used until 1995. It was written in 1984 by Joe Long in a computer language that no one on earth today understands - including Joe - I believe.

    We had to make guesses on which fields meant what - where records stopped, and so on. It was a lot of work for volunteers.

    We know there are some rides that are incomplete - some with duplicate entries - some with the wrong horse. My guess is that the data we've managed to extract is 97% accurate in the later years - 1990 and on. Less accurate in the 1985 to 1989 period - perhaps 93%.

    We've also made a decision not to correct the data even if someone tells us exactly what the changes are. We would have to do it all manually and there's just so many hours in the day after work, family, riding, and volunteer work for the AERC. Data from 1995 on is corrected by the AERC office.

    We've tried to be as accurate as we can on the archives and present the membership with a useful and interesting database. We get about 1.5 million page views a year with roughly 20,000 individual sessions per month. Now - at 10 PM in California - there are 35 people looking at the AERC information.

    So we know there are problems with the older data - and as Tom Sites says - take it with "a grain of salt". But we still think it's a pretty useful tool. And completely accurate after 1995.


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