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    Re: [RC] AERC and LD - Rob

    Here's my 2 cents on LD's. If you want to ride LD's to step your way up
    to 50's great! If you want to ride LD's because YOUR body isn't what it
    used to be, Great! If you want to ride LD's because your old horse's
    body isn't what it used to be, GREAT! If you ride LD's because THAT'S AS
    FAR AS YOU WANT TO RIDE, That's your decision, GREAT! If you ride LD's
    so you can ride really fast and finish the race in a little more than an
    hour and win, GO GET 'EM!!! Just extend the courtesy you'd expect to the
    other SLOWER RIDERS on the trail!! To the 50 milers that scowl at the
    fast 25 milers, WHO CARES? They're doing what they want, they've still
    accomplished more than any million dollar winning Thoroughbred in
    history has in a single race, Week as far as that goes, (With very
    little acknowledgment or recognition for the task I might add)  your
    doing what you want to do, others riding fast LD's isn't affecting your
    ride results or point standings, What's all the resentment about?
    They're winning and your not? If that's how ya feel, Ride LD's
    yourself!!! Nobody will think less of you.
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    Re: [RC] AERC and LD, Laurie Durgin