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    [RC] Cordura "western-style" saddle/tree confusion!!! - Ridecamp Guest

    Mary wewantaranch@xxxxxxx
    I know many of you are dedicated endurance riders so thank you for entertaining this wannabe!  My husband wants to join me in riding distances but just can't bring himself to sit on a "postage stamp" and likes the looks of the cordura "western-style" endurance saddles without horns.  However, they are all made with quarter horse bars.  Am I nuts to wonder why saddle companies are making advertised "endurance" saddles with no arabian tree option when arabs are so often used in this sport?  Can someone educate me on "trees"?  I've heard three different stories from three different saddle dealers ie: semi-quarter horse trees are the same as arab trees...or FQHB are the same as arab trees....so which is it?  While I'm only looking at investing under $500.00 in a cordura, I'd rather not just throw the money down the toilet or hurt our arab.  He, by the way is a 15.2 hand well-built boy, but an arab build none-the-less.  Any help out there????  Thanks!  M.
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