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    [RC] What Constitutes A Start?? - Ridecamp Guest

    DaveR. rocketman@xxxxxxxxx
    It amuses me a little to see some of these rides getting a spotlight on the usual and casual management that has been in place since the beginning (likee everyone didn't know that, duh).  I rode the Outlaw Trail several times, and it was business as usual that  Crockett often didn't have any vets at the vet checks, he didn't mark his trail (told folks if they didn't want to get lost just ride with him), and it was common knowledge that pretty much all riders received a completion no matter what time they finished (a good friend finished almost an hour and a half after cutoff and was given a completion).  We all know this stuff has been going on at the XP, the Outlaw, and Randy's rides for  years, just part of the fun of the relaxation of the multi day rides.  It isn't just the duck at the xp, it is pretty much all multi day rides I'v been to anyway, these rides are fun, why ruin them with asking Dave, Crockett and Randy to follow rules and spoil a good time!!
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