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    Re: [RC] What constitutes a start? - Heidi Smith

    > Rules Committee considers anyone who is physically present and seen or =
    > heard at
    > the designated start of the rid as an "entrant".
    >     That being said I still might not protest at a "local" ride where
    > someone at the last minute decided not to ride for some relevant reason as
    > opposed to an FEI or Race of Champions caliber ride where that rule would
    > more strictly adhered to.
    I think there is some misinterpretation here.  An "entrant" still has not
    necessarily started.  The rule that Randy quotes was authored in its
    original form by me (the wording may have changed slightly, but maybe not)
    several years ago, with the intent of making sure that no one could ENTER a
    ride after it had already started.  This situation was being greatly abused
    during the infamous "great trailer race" for the AERC mileage championship
    (back when an unlimited number of horses could be used for same) when riders
    were showing up 2 or 3 hours AFTER a ride had started, and were entering and
    riding.  Competition has changed somewhat in the interrim, but it was felt
    at the time (and I think still is) that the starting riders all should be
    able to have knowledge of who and how many are actually entered, prior to
    starting.  Example--last ride of season, you need 30 more miles to secure a
    mileage championship.  You could ride the 50 or the 100.  The rider next to
    you in miles is not there.  So you opt to do the 50.  Rider comes two hours
    after you started, enters the 50 and completes.  You could have gotten a
    shot at it by riding the 100, but you couldn't get accurate competition
    about who was competing for what prior to the ride.  This is the sort of
    thing that was going on.  Completely different issue from whether or not you
    have actually started.
    I've been to rides where there was a roll call and someone who checked in
    subsequently got bucked off and injured prior to the actual start.  They
    have not been listed as "started" and pulled, but rather as did not
    start--something that AERC does not even ask for on the ride result sheet.
    And that sort of thing doesn't seem to be an issue.  The rule applies to the
    concept that before you can start, first you have to be an entrant.  And you
    must become an entrant prior to the actual start of the ride.  That's all.
    If the concept of starting is being abused, perhaps we need to rule that
    RM's have to define and designate a physical starting point.  One would
    think that such a concept could go without saying, but apparently not, in
    some circles.  We used to think that finish lines would go without saying,
    but we had to make a rule about that one, too....  <sigh>
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    [RC] What constitutes a start?, Cheryl & Randy Winter