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    Re: [RC] What Constitutes a Start & Electronic Communication - Joe Long

    On Tue, 9 Jul 2002 16:31:00 -0600, Randy H Eiland
    <renegade12@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >6k. Not having been paced or prompted by an un-entered, withdrawn, or
    >otherwise unauthorized equine, vehicle, or a person other than another
    >entrant. ...
    >This criteria is in a gray area - could a "drag rider" be construed as a
    >"pace or prompt"? If they are authorized by ride management to be on the
    >trail, then they are not in violation of this criteria.  Is radio or cell
    >phone use between a rider and the crew 'prompting"?  Please note 
    >that this is an area that is still being debated by your Rules Committee. ...
    Randy, I have always believed since the inception of this rule (I was
    there when it was drafted), "prompting" refers to prompting the
    *horse,* it never applied or was intended to apply to providing
    information to the rider, or even encouraging the rider.  The two
    words "pacing" and "prompting" are used to refer to someone in front
    of the horse (paced) or someone behind the horse, hazing or pushing it
    along (prompted).
    I'm a bit incredulous that anyone could consider simply providing
    information to a rider (or crew) to be "unfair."  But I agree with you
    that crew people riding up and down the trail on motorbikes (other
    than on a public road) is not good and quite possibly a violation of
    6k. Radios, though, have nothing to do with that -- it's the vehicles
    on the trail that are the problem.
    Joe Long
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    [RC] What Constitutes a Start & Electronic Communication, Randy H Eiland