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    Re: [RC] XP Rides Inc. - Linda

        I'm going to give the RM of the XP the benefit, and say that he wasn't thinking about the "stat's".   But when there is national/regional or even local awards there should be some set guidlines to the rides (and I'm sure there is).   Maybe AERC should put together a list of "potential mistakes" a RM could make which would bring them under scrutiny.  I hate to criticize some one that volunteers their time to help others have fun.

    All this XP Rides is pretty interesting stuff.
    I think the Duck should go on his own, yep, split with the AERC. Form another endurance riding group, call it something clever like XP Rides. He could make his own rules, keep his own stats, keep the money that he would have to pay the AERC. Then he wouldn't have a bunch of people that don't even know him doubting his integrity.
    John Bass
    Beatty, Nevada

    [RC] XP Rides Inc., John Bass