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    Re: [RC] LDSA - halterlady

    I agree wholeheartedly.  I have over 6000 AERC miles and have not been able
    to ride for two years due to back surgery.  My granddaughter & I did the 25
    at Flatwoods this past week-end & I was able to finish.  That was pretty
    exciting for me.  Looks like I WILL be able to ride again, even if the
    doctors say NO. I can't imagine a life without Endurance & an LD can make it
    possible for people like me to be out there again.  Hopefully I'll be able
    to move up to 50's & 100'1 again.
    Pat Fredrickson
    Natural Horse Halters
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    > > OK, so why doesn't somebody or some group come up with a new, parrallel
    > > organization, The Limited Distance Sanctioning Association? All the work
    > > has been done corporation wise, just mirror the AERC.
    > Why?  As I asked in a previous post, are LD riders some different species?
    > I think not. >
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