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    Re: [RC] LDSA - Heidi Smith

    > OK, so why doesn't somebody or some group come up with a new, parrallel
    > organization, The Limited Distance Sanctioning Association? All the work
    > has been done corporation wise, just mirror the AERC.
    Why?  As I asked in a previous post, are LD riders some different species?
    I think not.  I see in the last yearbook that I'm listed with 5475 AERC
    miles, and that's correct to the best of my knowledge.  So I hadn't ridden
    for two years, and didn't have any AERC mileage for the past 3 years.  So I
    started back by doing some LD's this year.  Does that make me a different
    kind of person?  I think not.  I get the same membership benefits belonging
    to AERC (voting privileges, EN, lifetime records, horse records, etc.)
    whether I ride 2000 endurance miles a year, or whether I ride just a few
    LD's, or whether I don't ride at all.  Or <perish the thought> I ride some
    combination of the above that confuses everyone else but happens to meet my
    own immediate purposes and personal needs.  We do too much stereotyping, and
    we need to relax and just go enjoy the sport at whatever level strikes our
    fancy and is "doable" in our personal circumstances.
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    [RC] LDSA, Steve Shaw