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    [RC] Two wonderful gifts - Typef

    This 4th of July weekend we took three horses up to the foothills of Valley Springs, CA where my father has 240 acres of beautiful hills to practice on. Since I had my daughter and husband with me, we only pleasure rode and camped overnight. Great experience for my endurance horse in training with the camping alone. My first gift was my dad riding my husband's horse with me out on the trail. He hasn't been on a horse since he quit endurance in 1979. He's in his 70's now. Got on that horse like he'd never been off. He was leading and half a mile out he dropped the reins just used his legs and just enjoyed the ride totally at ease with his mount.
    Second surprise with a big box of ride photos, "Endurance Digests" from the 70's and 80's (every single one) a few year books and a folder full of ride results listing all the finish times, P&R, etc., plus his complete list of every ride completed and placing. What a great time I had last night going through all that stuff. The articles in the old Digests are still pertinent today for the most part and looking at all the pictures of all the people my dad used to ride against brought back a lot of memories. I counted my Dad's miles ... 2300 in 9 years. Not bad for a guy who didn't know how to ride but a year before he got the endurance bug. What a great weekend it turned out to be for me! I hope you all had as great an Independence weekend as I had.
    :) Jackie