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    Re: [RC] LDSA - sindy mccosker

    My goodness.....
    After reading many of these posts, a person just starting out in LD with AERC certainly isn't going to feel very welcomed. Hearing how some the "real" endurance riders feel about us "lowly" LD riders is very disheartening. 
    Some of us Limited Distance riders will never be 50/100 milers because of health reasons. I joined AERC and try to do a few LD's a year because it has been so fun and I love being out on the trail on the back of a trotting Arabian.
    I have never felt like an outcast here in the West region. Everyone has been more than helpful and kind. We do care for our horses, we do move out of the way when a 50/100 miler comes up behind us, we do not want to hold up 50/100 milers in the vetting area and we do not want want to feel like low life outcasts!
    When I read how some of you feel about us LD riders, it certainly doesn't make me feel welcomed or included. It seems to me that our entry fees help pay for the costs of the rides. Maybe I am wrong. If you want to encourage new "paying" members of AERC maybe we should think about welcoming riders in the LD divisions instead of posting about what a pain we are.
    Just a thought....
    From: Steve Shaw
    Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 7:45 AM
    To: Ridecamp
    Subject: [RC] LDSA
    OK, so why doesn't somebody or some group come up with a new, parrallel
    organization, The Limited Distance Sanctioning Association? All the work
    has been done corporation wise, just mirror the AERC. They can have
    their own board, mem bership, races (or rides) and awards structure.
    Even money if they want. They could use the same ride trails in most
    cases (on the next day, or would using the AERC course backwards after
    the AERC ride was done provide a loophole in AERC ride sanctioning

    Anyway, food for thought.

    Steve Shaw

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